Hi-Tech Aerobatic Coaching

Unique methodologies and training techniques developed by Hi-Tech Aerobatics:

  • "Power on" positive spins.
  • Constant angle "power on" negative spins.
  • Unquestionably recognizable (from judges point of view) positive snap.
  • Lower G negative snap.
  • Three dimensional visualization tactics for performing "step by step" sequencing of routine.
  • "Step by step" coaching of program based on the result of the student's last flight.
  • Designing personal training program based on the current level of the student's performance.
  • Video debriefings with analysis of all problems in the performance.

Nikolay learned early on that he has a natural tendency toward attention to detail. This, combined with a penchant for perfection and an interest in aviation which he acquired from his fathers experience in WWII, lead him to pursue two interrelated Masters degrees.

With Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering degrees in hand, he began to apply his efforts in Aerobatic flight training. Focusing on such things as Precision and Concentration combined with Power, Speed and Grace, Nikolay was soon recognized as an excellent Aerobatic pilot. He entered his first Aerobatic Competition in 1980 and was subsequently invited to join the Russian National Aerobatic Team at the age of 25.

Since then he has been a pilot instructor for the National Aeroclub of Russia, a member of the Russian National Aerobatic Team and aerobatic trainer in Europe, South Africa, South America and the United States. In this role, Nikolay designed and developed a unique, Top-Level Training Technology (TTT) for serious aerobatic pilots which optimizes the process of learning top-level Aerobatics.

Nothing is impossible. As a result of coaching by TTT technology, as well as hard work and serious motivation, a student moved from Sportsman level aerobatics in a Pitts to serious unlimited competition level aerobatics in a Sukhoi SU-26 in a period of only 11 months!

If you are interested in learning how to fly like a pro, contact Nikolay today!