Maintenance and Engineering

by Hi-Tech Aerobatics

Projects and services developed through Hi-Tech Aerobatics training, experience and testing:

  • Computerized system for dynamic balancing of Sukhoy's Aileron system on (for a feather-light touch and precise, positive control)
  • Technology and experience changing/upgrading wing rear attach brackets on SU-29. (service bulletin #SU-29-345BU from 10.17.2005)
  • Metallurgy research expertise RE: compatibility of usable Western (USA) produced Stainless Steel for repairs to Eastern (Russian) Chrome-Vanadium Steel used in ALL Sukhoi Airframe tubing.
  • Laser system for timing Magnetos on M14 engine that assures exact accuracy.
  • Computerized system for analyzing and precise setting of fuel/air mixture on M-14P engine.
  • Testing Western analogy of Russian main tires on Sukhoi.


  • Exclusive direct connection with the Sukhoi Design Bureau in Russia so as to accomplish timely delivery of original spare parts required for service bulletins.
  • Regular annual inspection and 100 hr. maintenance according to Technical manuals referring to Sukhoi and M-14P engines.
  • Pick-up and delivery of planes for service and maintenance.
  • Dissemble and/or assembly of planes needing to be packaged and shipped, or arriving, in containers.